This is the time of year, at least here in Pacific Northwest America, that the climate begins to warm and well-kept puer tea begins to wake up. The winter temperatures are low, as is the relative humidity. As Spring presses forward the ambient temperature and humidity rise and the tea, though sequestered in it’s semi-controlled environment, reacts. The flavors and aromas of every sheng cake, old and new, are aroused and uninhibited.

We are enjoying a Midi sheng cake from 2007. This is served from my pixiu yixing pot through a woven silver strainer in the large kutani tea cup (still celebrating Spring~). I really need to switch to my spring saucers, but I am still using the autumn style. This episode went a little long, and it could have gone much longer. It is difficult to do an aged sheng justice in less than 90 minutes… Thanks for joining me.

It’s Alive

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