Drunk, deeply

Today we’re sharing a kyusu of sencha made by the Ihara family and discovered at the little JA agricultural co-operative storefront in the Shimizu Ward of Shizuoka City, Japan. I recently lost a pot that I bought at this shop (and loved dearly) to a mishap, so this is a session is a celebration of discovery and the joys it reliably delivers.

Down to Houraidou

Have a cup of some of the finest Japanese gyokuro green tea from my favorite little hole in the wall tea shop, Houraido (蓬莱堂). Today you’ll hear a 100+yo houhin teapot, a 60+yo tokoname water vessel, a 40+yo tin leaf container, and much more (including, possibly, a car driving through gravel in the distance…) Thanks for sharing tea with me.