Old, Stale TGY

This tea was a little treat waiting for me in a treasured tea container that I hadn’t seen in a while. I think the sounds of this container come through quite nicely, though briefly. The cup sound is also a highlight for me, if you can pick it out. Thanks for joining me.

Today we used a 90s gaiwan, 80s Mikasa creamer as the sharing pitcher, 80s Kutani cup with unfinished edge, and the hand-finished brass and tin tea tin from 2004 Japan. The tie guan yin is most likely from 2014ish.

Spring on Pear Mountain

Taiwanese teas are good. And sometimes they are great. I have what I thought was an example of good Li Shan, but in the course of this tea it turned out to be great. I love surprises.
Today we’re using the Hong Ni pot purchased to celebrate the birth of my son and a double walled Taiwanese fragrance cup set. The fragrance cup is essential, in my opinion, when drinking Taiwanese teas. They are sometimes more olfactory than gustatory.
Please enjoy this tea.

Rock on Tie Luo Han

No, there’s no musical soundtrack today. The soundtrack is a Tie Luo Han (鉄羅漢) oolong from 2018. Tie Luo Han is one of the famous open leaf oolongs from the Wuyi tea growing region in China. See if you can hear the moment that the largish leaves are poured from the small bag into the preparation tray and then from there into the pot. The pitch of this particular hongni (red yixing) pot is very high and musical, in my opinion. Lots of great aromas and flavors, so prepare yourselves.